Bison Lodge

Bison day-night

Bison Lodge :: Story & Symbols

The Bison plays an important role in Native American folklore, seen as spiritually powerful and associated with strength, endurance, and protection, particularly by the western Plains and Plateau tribes. There were many rituals, dances, and prayers related to the difficult and dangerous but life-sustaining art of Bison hunting. Bison hides were used for clothing, blankets, tipi covers etc, bones for tools. Horns and skulls were used for regalia and religious purpose – nothing was wasted.
The Bison Skull symbolizes big medicine and is an iconic image of the American West. Bison skulls were used for sacred ceremonies, serving as conduits for prayers. Skulls were often decorated with paint and feathers.
Native American Indian lore describes Raven as a creature of metamorphosis, symbolizing change and transformation. Raven has also played a part in the Creation myth of some tribes.
The blue cross represents Venus, the Morning Star, which brings wisdom.
Circles on smoke flaps are stylized symbols of constellations. Pleiades – the Seven Sisters or Lost Children [depending on tribal heritage] and the seven stars that form Ursa Major – The Big Dipper or Great Bear.
Also represented on Bison Lodge are forest trees, ‘dusty’/’fallen’ stars, and Medicine Wheel.

Tipi Lamps are 13″ tall – the oval base is 10.5 x 9.5″. The lamp fixture has a 7 W incandescent bulb with 6′ brown cord and toggle switch. To replace bulb open hinge on bottom of Tipi.

Tipi Lamps are $95. each – Shipped within USA is available for an additional charge.

Tipi lamp diagram