Pam Lewis :: Artist & Traveler


B: 1950

I was born in Palo Alto CA and spent the majority of my life in Northern California. Today I live on on a small ranch along the Russian River at the north end of the Alexander Valley with my husband Rick and our dogs Buster and Theodore.

Like many late-blooming painters, I have a commercial arts background and made a living as an illustrator and graphic design artist specializing in services for the wine industry; logo & package design, marketing and website development.

Now I paint and craft, travel, and explore: ancient historic sites, parks, monuments, tribal reservations, and wildlife refuges 🙂

My art is influenced by:

Western Folk and Big Skies  I grew up listening to my Grandfather’s stories of his parents who emigrated from Ireland and Scotland to work in the California gold fields…, and of his life story of growing up in the Sierra Foothills in the early 1900’s. Historic novels about how the West was won, cowboy television series & movies of the 1950’s and 60’s, Arizona Highways, the art of Maynard Dixon, Frederick Remington, and especially road trips through the western outback – deserts and big sky country…, these have all ignited my romance with the images and colors of the West.

Critters  Our home is a wildlife sanctuary filled with an abundant variety of birds that make their home along the river, the rafters of our barn, pasture, vineyards and wooded acres beyond. We have a resident barn owl living in our date palm, wild turkeys, deer, coyotes and other wild critters come down from the hills to the river.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Pam. My name is Valerie Madson. We met many years ago. I was a girlfriend of your brother Hal. I am now living in Saratoga but commute to Santa Rosa to see my friend who is a coach at a local High School there.
    Hope you are doing well. Your Art Work is a true Inspiration!
    Take care,

  2. Thank you Rick and Pam for inviting me into your beautiful home. I emailed pictures to Teri. She was so pleased to see the improvements you made to the house. She said she will definitely call you when back in Cloverdale.

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